1st ESO – COVID 19  – A story to remember

While we were confined, students looked back on beautiful experiences they had had in the past. Most of them chose a few photos that brought them good memories and prepared a PowerPoint presentation to share it with the whole class.  Others, decided to talk about their confinament experience, like Marina A.

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1st  ESO –  Safety in Social Media

This school year we have been using the Internet and social media much more than previous years due to the COVID19 confinement teaching needs. So, the students have watched a few cartoon videos on this matter and later on, we have shared our opinions on a ZOOM session. 

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Oral English 6th primary – Talking about their ideal holiday.

The students started thinking about their ideal holiday individually and chose the new expressions and vocabulary they needed to ask and answer qüestions about it in pairs. Once they had shared their information, they started to plan a trip to have their ideal holidays. They prepared a Powerpoint in class and during the confinement they recorded their plan and send it to me. You can listen to some of them and see how well they can organise themselves.

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Watching videos and reading about problems that matter, may be a good reason for them to use and improve their English. So, they accepted the challenge of spreading their ideas on a video talking about our Carbon and Water Footprint. Certainly, I realized they have something to say as future scientists, youtubers, reporters and even green activists to help stop Climate Change. Here you are some tips to be followed.

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2nd ESO Some Christmas sweet cooking videos.


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