There are many ways to learn English, and watching films is one of the most popular ones among teenagers.  That’s why  we asked our students to choose a film from our film collection in the self-access room to enjoy themselves and learn at the same time.   All of them loved this activity, so they wrote a film review and later explained to the rest of the class what their film was about and told everybody their opinion about it. Some of them didn’t mind being recorded while making their presentations, so here we have some examples.

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2nd ESO Christmas cooking  2018-19

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3rd ESO- SELF-ACCESS SESSIONS- Sharing our interests with our classmates

Working on something you like is more motivating than just doing something because you have to learn. That’s why the students of third ESO grade can choose a topic to work on using the internet.  This is just the first stage, because once they have the information, they prepare a PowerPoint presentation,  and finally they share their findings with the rest of the class. Here you are their oral presentations.

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1st ESO- HOLMESTRAL PROJECT: Working in committees

The students have been working in this project for three years and it was high time they met each other in real life. That’s why the students of la Mestral travelled to Aarhus in March and the Danish students from Holme Skole came to St. Feliu in May.

The Catalan students prepared some of the activities they did together with the Danish students inside and outside the school in May. They worked in committees to prepare their welcome, games, a school tour, cultural activities, oral presentations and a farewell ceremony. They worked hard and learn English in a cooperative way. Here you are some pictures.

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ORAL ENGLISH SESSIONS - 6th grade of Primary

The school wants to give the students as many oportunities as possible to speak English.That’s why they have their regular lessons in class, plus a native English conversation assistant  and  another teacher to activate and practice their oral skills one  hour a week.  Here you can see some activities they have done this year.

6th primary 2019 SELF PRESENTATION

6th primary Oral presentations  on Historical people



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