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2nd ESO PERFORMANCE of  Romeo & Juliet by W. Shakespeare

In the first term, 2nd ESO students read the theatre play Romeo & Juliet by W. Shakespeare . We did some vocabulary and comprehension tasks and talked about the plot.

In the process we practised “Register”  to speak imitating different social positions ( formally, politely, impolitely..), we practised pronunciation with the conversation assistant and  we learned drama techniques to put feelings into our lines.

In the second term, we made groups to make the set in the art lessons with the art teacher and in April we performed the play in front of a real audience: 4th grade of primary.

Making the set

Photos of the performance

Video recording group A // ACT 2

Video recording group B




This year, in 1st grade of ESO the students have been working in committees to organise the stay of twenty Danish boys and girls in Sant Feliu. They are coming to Sant Feliu  in a cultural / linguistic exchange that rounds out a three-years project that started in 5th grade of primary in 2013.  One of the things they have done has been to describe in English how to play some traditional Catalan games. They have surfed the net to get the information and have written it down in the English lessons. Later, they have played the games with the PE teacher who has recorded them playing and explaining their games to make tutorials that we have uploaded onto the project blog HOLMESTRAL. The Danish students will watch these tutorials in Denmark and when they come here they will play them with the 1st ESO students in our playground. It’ll be great fun!

Cick here to view the video presentations




Hi everybody. Now, it’s been about five weeks since the students of 1st ESO came back from their cultural/linguistic exchange in Aarhus, Denmark. It has been a great and memorable experience for both the Danish and the Catalan students. They have practiced English and used their communicative abilities. They have been in Holme school , visited interesting museums  and worked in workshops with their Danish project friends hand in hand. They have even made some friends and are willing to meet them again on May 23rd when they come to Sant Feliu.  Here you are some pictures.

Cick here to view the video presentation


The students of 1st of ESO have been working on a project with a Danish school called Holme, since 2013. They started in their 5th grade of primary doing class projects to be exchanged with the other school by post, Dropbox and using a blog in 6th grade.

The project will be finished this year, in 1st of ESO grade, with a cultural and linguistic exchange. The Catalan students are travelling to Aarhus in April and the Danes are coming to Sant Feliu in May.

During the first term, the students have prepared self-presentations that have been uploaded onto Holmestral blog, where they can log in and watch them. They have also worked in committees to organise the Danes’ stay in St. Feliu.

During the second term, they have worked on traditional children games and Human Towers with the English teacher and the PE teacher to record short tutorials for the Danish students. Also, they are going to start a more personal contact with a Danish student that will be their “project friend”. So they’ll have the opportunity to communicate with them in English, first writing a letter to each other and later on using Holmestral blog.

Here you are some examples of the way students work and their oral presentations. They have realised that English is an important language, not only to communicate in real life, but also to learn things about their own and other cultures.    


P3 task 1: Self-pesentation videos

P3 task 2: Working in Committees – photos and recordings



The self-access room is the place where students can practice English at their own pace, once a week, during their lunchtime break. They do different activities to learn English in a different way.  They watch original version films, documentaries or YOUTUBE posts to work with them. They also visit different websites in English, practice grammar ONLINE, listen to songs to know what their lyrics are about, or prepare presentations on topics they choose.

This Term, the students of third grade of ESO have been working hard with articles from Speak UP magazines. They have read some articles in pairs and have made some research on the Internet to prepare PowerPoint presentations on the topic they had chosen to learn about and share it with the rest of their classmates. Two of them have even cooked Indian delicacies! Yummy! They were delicious!!

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1st ESO- HALLOWEEN for godparents and godchildren

Godparents went trick - or - treating to their Godchildren’s classroom.

The students of 1st grade of ESO prepared a Halloween oral activity to do with their godchildren in 1st grade of Primary.

Godparents wrote a description of their favourite Halloween monster, draw it and stick everything on a cardboard.

The godchildren sat down with their godparents, listened to their descriptions in English and had to draw the monster they were being described. In the end, they could compare their drawings with their godparents’ drawings and they got their TREAT: A delicious lollipop.

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The students had some sessions in the English lerssons and some in the Art lessons on Impressionist painting. They learn a bit about the Impressionist paintings characteristics and carried out some activities in the school and others in La Vall de Núria.

Art Gallery in the school

The students had to observe a few pictures displayed on the corridor walls and decide wether they were Impressionist or not according to what they had learnt and seen previously in their dossiers.

Cick here to view the photos “C. Síntesi 1st ESO Art gallery 5 Maig

Landscape painting in Núria

They walked by the lake in groups to choose a beautiful spot to paint a landscape trying to use Impressionist techiniques and they had to explain why they had chosen that place.

Click here to view the photos “C. Síntesi 1st ESO painting


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