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2nd ESO – A Product Review

Speaking in front of an audience takes more than just saying what you want to say. That’s why preparing oral presentations is an excellent practice for the students to get more self-confidence and find out different and more creative ways to carry out such a difficult task.

Some students may think this activity is very difficult and embarrassing, but for others it is the opportunity to do something more challenging, like inventing and making their own product, as a group of students has done this year with the help of the science teacher and the school ICT.

Well, are you ready to find the best products ever? I hope you are!

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One of the ways to activate our passive knowledge of a foreign Language is speaking. Not all students feel always confident to speak freely and fluently  in front of the whole class, so we need to find other activities that are fun, challenging or appealing to give them a good reason to talk.  Board games can help sometimes. Here you are some examples.

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In the first term, 2nd ESO students read the theatre play Romeo & Juliet by W. Shakespeare . We did some vocabulary and comprehension tasks and talked about the plot.

We accepted our teacher’s proposal of performing the play instead of having a comprehension exam.  

In the process we practised “Register”  to speak imitating different social positions ( formally, politely, impolitely..), we practised pronunciation with the conversation assistant and  we learned drama techniques to put feelings into our lines.

In the second term, we made groups to make the set in the art lessons with the art teacher and at the begining of March we performed the play in front of a real audience: 4th and 5th primary students.

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1st ESO –  Friends & Links Project:

Tutorials on “How to Play some Traditional Games”

It’s has been a long time since we started to exchange letters with the students of a Danish School called HOLME. This international project is now called “ Friends & Links”

Last year, the Mestral students of first ESO not only exchanged letters, but they also had the opportunity to send to Denmark a little project about Catalan Legends with some short sketches performed by themselves.

This year, apart from the letters, they have also worked on a project, but this time we have been very lucky. We have had the collaboration of the new teacher of physical education. She has devoted some sessions to explore different traditional games and has asked them to think how to play them. Later, in the English class, the students have prepared fact files with a description of the games in groups, they have prepared a script to record on video an explanation for the Danes on how to play these games. And finally, they have been recorded in their physical education sessions.

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1st ESO- Christmas activities

Students like learning about traditions around the world, that’s why we, teachers,  don’t miss the opportunity to let them find out about Christmas celebration in Britain and to experiment with rhyming or make a Christmas Cracker.   So here you’ll see  them reading about Christmas day celebration , listening to Christmas Carols, saying a stanza of their Christmas wish in the style of a traditional children poem or  watching a youtube tutorial on how to make a Christmas Cracker and even making their own to pull it off at home on Christmas day.

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2nd  ESO Cooperative learning

First, the students were working in groups to read a jumbled story they had to understand and put  in the correct order to tell the other groups about their agreements. Later, also in groups, they made up their own stories and surfed the net to look for images that illustrated them. Here you can see the process.

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05-12-14 6è HOLMESTRAL

HELLO!! We are the boys and girls from 6th Primary and here we show you the most important places of our city, Sant Feliu!! This task is part of a project we are doing with the Holme Skole in Denmark. We sent the posters to the Danish children so they can learn more about us and where we live.

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