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1st ESO e-mail friends project: Friends +Links ( HOLME SKOLE )


We started the project in October 2013. The students have done three tasks that have been uploaded onto a DropBox we created to exchange everything that both schools have produced for their partners.

First, we exchanged letters with pictures to get to know each other. Later we worked in groups to tell them about the way we celebrate the 31st of October and the 1st of November: La Castanyada and All Saints day.

Some students wrote about its origins or how we celebrate it at school. Others about the typical food we eat on this date and also recorded  a video on how to make “panellets”.

FOTOS d’alumnes treballant: Castanyada ALUMNES

VIDEOS: Panellets recipe


Another project was meant to deal with Catalan and Danish literature, art or history. Our students chose working on Catalan legends and the Danes on the famous Danish writer Christian Andersen.

They made some ANIMOTO presentations and recorded clips with information and questions about C. Andersen for us to see and answer.

VIDEOS: Christian Anderson Videos


From Frederik & Viktor:  http://www.skoletube.dk/video/505201/217302510

From Mia: http://www.skoletube.dk/video/505185/534680222

From KaaoPoot: http://www.skoletube.dk/video/505175/715401061

From Andreas & Yakub: http://www.skoletube.dk/video/505056/1895638762

From Christian: http://www.skoletube.dk/video/495389/217077243




The Catalan students chose a legend to be told in groups, summarise it and invented a script to perform and record it. Finally, they put all they made in a PowerPoint and we sent everything to them.

FOTOS d’alumnes treballant : Legends photos

VIDEOS de les llegendes: Legends videos.




The students of 1st of ESO prepared Halloween activities for 1st and 4th of Primary children. They made groups to work on different things.

Some searched different activities in the Internet, prepared vocabulary cards with images and  found material to make a black bat and a witch to make a stick puppet. They also prepared paper puppets, printed and cut them to help the kids understand a song about a witch.  Others prepared a presentation on the origins of Halloween, or wrote and performed a dialogue in front of the primary students to help them understand how English and American people celebrate this festival.

FOTOS / VIDEOS: HAlloween in Primary




The students of 1rst of ESO participated in a wellcome activity for the French students that had come to school in a Language Exchange with our 3rd of ESO students.

They could interview the Fench students in an activity organized by the English teacher to be carried out while the fourteen year-old students stayed in our class to observe how the English lessons were in our school.

We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have a “real communicative  situation “ to practice English.



ROMEO AND JULIET: reading - dramma workshop – performance


The students of 2nd of ESO chose to perform Romeo and Juliet instead of having an exam after reading this theatre play, so we decided to devote some sessions to work on what they knew about this Love story and how to perform and put on the play.

First, they wrote some lines about this Shakespeare’s play in the school Moodest and we commented on them. Then they read the play outloud to choose the characters they wanted to be and some lines were added to the script by some students.

From that moment on, we started to activate their performing habilities and to work on pronunciation and intonation as well as to practice their part. They  prepared and  designed their costumes and decorated the stage. Finally, they performed it in the school.


FOTOS: romeu & juliet group A photos

VIDEOS: romeo & juliet  group B CLIPS




As you know, we’ve had  a native English speaker as an assistant teacher of English this year.  Although she has been talking to the students in pairs and groups outside the class to activate their communicative skills,  she stayed with us in some ocasions for a specific activity we asked her to carry out.

In this occasion, she gave a talk about how British people celebrate Saint George, was does the legend says and who Saint George was.



The students of 3rd of ESO were asked to build up a story with a pack of jumbled cards. At first, they couldn’t show the cards to each other because the activity was designed to make all the membres in the team listen to each other’s sentences in the card they had. So they had to understand not only the content of the cards, but also respect everybody’s opinion and reach agreements to be able to build up a meaningful story.

FOTOS: Cooperative learning- narrating stories + video narrating stories.




The students of 3rd of ESO were given the oportunity to work on something they found interesting. It could be anything as long as they explained how that thing had changed over the years and they . They were asked to work in groups in class to prepare an oral presentation for the other groups.

VIDEOS: Changes




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