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BOOK REVIEWS: students share their book reviews in class. (2012-2013)


All the students of 1st of E.S.O.  read some books and after that they chose one to write a book review on it. All of them explained to the rest of the class what the book was about and their opinion about it. Some of them didn’t mind being recorded while making their presentations, so here we have some examples of their reviews.

PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: ‘Book reviews”


TALES FOR PRESCOLAR: Interaction with P4 students (2012-2013)


The students of 1rst of ESO worked in groups to prepare a session in English for the younger kids of preschool. This activity was integrated and carried out in the self-access room sessions they have once a week. First,

they read tales in English, summarised them or adapted the stories to present them to P4. After that, they prepared how they wanted to tell the tales and finally they went to the kids class and performed them.





During the last term, the students prepared and delivered oral presentations about a particular event of their past . They also showed and recommended to each other some websites they  had worked with in the Self-access room.

FOTOS  AND VIDEO: “Talking about my past” “talking about websites”




The students of 3rd of ESO read about what a prisoner of conscience is and worked with a song by Tracy Chapman to have some food for thought before starting this task. Then, they worked in groups to prepare a PowerPoint and an oral presentation about a person that is regarded as memorable in the history of humanity.


FOTOS I VIDEOS:  “Memorable people”



The students of 3rd of ESO have been taken for some years by their teacher of history to visit ARRELS, a private Charitable Fundation that provides special care to people who have been socially excluded and suffer from homelessness. Since we had a unit in the book dealing with “Global Issues” we decided to devote a CLIL session to this topic too.



Travelling Readers Bag

During the first term, the students of 1st ESO took the book they wanted from the “travelling readers bag” and could read them in class once a week. The books had different levels of difficulty and there were several kinds: adventure, hirtory, art, commics, theatre plays, tales... They had a reading log to write down comments on the books they had read and in the end they wrote a book review. Finally, they’ll explain to their classmates what kind of book they have read, what it is about and if they recommend it or not.

Click here to view travelling readers bag photos

Learning With “News”

Reading authentic material is one of the best ways to learn English, that’s why our students of 2nd ESO had to look for news in English on the internet. They chose one they found interesting and prepared a PowerPoint to tell their classmates about it. When all of them  finished their oral presentations, all the students in the group gave their opinion about these sessions and chose the best presentations as well.

Click here to view Learning with news videos

What do students think about this activity? Here we are some opinions:

What has been more difficult for me has been to speak in front of an audience. My pronunciation is not very good. And I think I could have the power point better.  But at least I searched the information and learned how to explain it to my classmates. I think I can do better the Power Point presentation and I can improve my vocabulary. The best presentations, for me, are “The Twin Towers” by Roger and “Pirates Attack” by Marc.

In this project I followed all the presentations without problems. The most difficult part  was writing about the news or explaining  it to my classmates, because I was very, very nervous. The best presentations that I liked are “Syria forbids Turkey civilian flights over its territory” by Pau A. and “Pirates Attack” by Marc B.

I liked working with news because it’s a good experience.
In the presentation I felt a little bit nervous, so I spoke quite fast and in consequence my presentation was very short. Although I’m happy about my work, because I worked a lot on it.
I learnt a lot of new things about Stonehenge and new vocabulary too. I liked making the power point with photos that helped me to explain better the news in class.
I think that the most difficult thing for me was explaining it in front of my classmates because I get nervous and I get embarrassed.
The best presentations were “teenagers dancing for the Bolshoi Ballet Academy” , by Mireia R. , “the GCSEs” by Laia R.,  “Botswana Women allowed to inherit” by Mar R. ,  and “Barça intersport has the best defence” by Jordi R.

I followed most of the presentations quite well. It was more difficult explaining my news in front of my classmates because when you write you don’t think about pronunciation and when you explain it orally to the rest of the class it is easier to make blunders.
I think that presenting my news and listening to my classmates helps me to learn the structure to explain news and also I learn vocabulary and more details of other news. I think that I could do it better because I can improve the information and explain more things, but I think that I did it well. The best presentations were “ teenagers dancing for the Bolshoi Ballet Academy” by Mireia R. , “O Rei” Messi, by Dani Pan and “the War is Bleeding the African Diamond” by Alexei P.

Cooking delicious desserts in 2nd ESO

If you feel like cooking, don’t miss this section! Second ESO students surfed the net in class looking for recipes in an English website and chose the desserts they liked the most. At home, they cooked them and recorded on a video how to cook these delicious desserts.

Click here to view students recipes

Cooking lessons in 6th Primary

Click here to view the videos and don't miss the false takes at the end!


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