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1st ESO- HOLMESTRAL PROJECT: Working in committees

 The students have been working in this project for three years and it’s high time they meet each other in real life. That’s why both schools are preparing an exchange. The students of la Mestral are travelling to Aarhus in May and the Danish students from Holme Skole are coming to St. Feliu in June.

The Catalan students are preparing some of the activities they will do together with the Danish students inside and outside the school in June. They are working in committees to prepare their welcome, games, a school tour,  cultural activities, oral presentations and a farewel ceremony. They are working hard and learning in a cooperative way. Here you are some pictures.

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1st ESO-  Our holidays memòries

Noways, teenagers love travelling, so why not telling the class about our  holidays trips? Here you can watch some PowerPoint oral presentations.

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6th of Primary- Oral English lesson

Hello guys! We are the students of 6th grade of primary school. In our oral English lessons, we have worked with tongue twisters to practice pronunciation and fluency. We challenge you to say these tongue twisters faster than us.

 If you want, you can send your videos to this email address: esthermestral @ gmail . com

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Estàs aquí:Inici Llengües estrangeres English Corner