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2nd ESO – TAKING REAL LIFE TO CLASS: Refugees and exiles

During the first school term, the students were working on these topics in a few of their English and History lessons. They watched videos about the Syrian war and worked in groups to reflect on what is happening. They also attended a talk by ACNUR and a Palestinian refugee who was living in Syria and had to leave the country. To finish these sessions the students made a “piece of art” expressing how they felt about all these facts. Here you are some images.

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2nd ESO PERFORMANCE of Romeo & Juliet by W. Shakespeare

In the first term, 2nd ESO students read the theatre play Romeo & Juliet by W. Shakespeare . We did some vocabulary and comprehension tasks and talked about the plot.
In the process we practised "Register" to speak imitating different social positions ( formally, politely, impolitely..), we practised pronunciation with the conversation assistant and we learned drama techniques to put feelings into our lines.
In the second term, we made groups to make the set in the art lessons with the art teacher and in April we performed the play in front of a real audience: 4th grade of primary.

Making the set
Photos of the performance
Full Video

1st ESO- 2nd ESO Christmas activities

We think that learning about the culture and traditions of a country is also part of learning a foreign language. Moreover, it really engages students because it can be fun and interesting. That's why last term first ESO students watched a youtube tutorial on how to make a Christmas cracker and made one. 2nd ESO students also attended a talk on Christmas celebration in Britain by one of our conversation assistant teachers.

1st ESO Christmas Crackers with little poems and new year wishes


1st ESO- HALLOWEEN for godparents and godchildren

1st ESO students went trick - or - treating to their Godchildren's class.
The students of 1st grade of ESO prepared a Halloween oral activity to do with their godchildren in 1st grade of Primary.
Godparents wrote a description of their favourite Halloween monster, draw it and sticked everything on a cardboard.
The godchildren sat down with their godparents, listened to their descriptions in English and had to draw the monster they were being described. In the end, they could compare their drawings with their godparents' drawings and they got their TREAT: A delicious lollipop.

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The students prepared an oral self-introduction with a PowerPoint presentation for the Danish students they’ll meet this year in Aarhus. We’ll post both the Catalan and the Danish presentations on the project blog. 

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